Whole Person Pelvic Health Level 1


Internal & External 

Therapy Room

Basic internal & external evaluation and treatment skills for common pelvic health conditions.


Both vaginal & anal internals will be learned & participants are expected to participate as both a client & a professional.


Role of the Brain

Brain Sketch

As an occupational therapist, you are in a unique position to have the ability to combine neuroscience, mental health and pelvic health.

We will explore psychological approaches to aid in the recovery of pelvic health conditions.


Pelvic Health in Real Life

Environment, sensory and functional approaches collide in how we coach clients to transfer knowledge & skills in pelvic health from the therapy room to their everyday life.

We will learn how to utilize these areas of OT strength in helping your client achieve their functional goals.

Workshop Details
WHO: Occupational Therapists or             other health professionals               in the area of pelvic health
WHEN: December 5 & 6, 2020                
WHERE: E-Motion Therapy 
 Suite 201, 3402 Hwy 12
 Lacombe, AB, Canada
WHAT: Beginner to Intermediate    Pelvic Health Workshop
WHY:   Occupational Therapists      are ideally situated to serve as whole-person pelvic health providers and bring an unique lens to the pelvic health table.
This workshop will provide education and experiential knowledge regarding the female pelvic floor & core in terms of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.
We will touch on pelvic pain and fecal incontinence but these concepts are covered in greater detail in subsequent workshops.
The focus will be include both concrete manual skills & a variety of soft skills that empower a client to feel heard, supported, empowered in taking an active role in their pelvic health journey, and above all - safe.

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