A life where YOU control your what you do and how you do it because you have ENERGY & LESS PAIN.


You feel healthy and happy, strong and safe within your body. You want to know your body will not create fear, worry or pain and that you can:

  • have sex without pain, 

  • go out with friends,

  • play with your,

  • sleep feeling refreshed, and

  • go to work each and every day!

You are done with feeling:



Of when the pain might show up and how bad it will be 'this time'


About whether you will ever be able to live the life you want

In Pain


I hear you, girl! 

I hear that you feel dismissed and misunderstood by most health care providers.


I hear that you just want to live your life without the fear, worry and pain.


I hear that you dream of the day that you can decide what you are going to do, based on what you WANT to do, not what the pain allows you to do.

I am also here to tell you, you CAN.

Yesterday I felt that someone understood my issues, and genuinely cared enough to work with me to find solutions. - Georgina

Better every day by at least a percentage can be life changing by  tweaking our habits, our mindsets and applying some changes. - K.

I am beyond grateful to have a place to express my pain and know that others have the same issues and that I am not alone. - Alyssa

But Lindsey I have tried everything...

  • Eating exactly “right” 

  • Going to countless appointments with physio, chiro, massage and anyone else I think might help

  • Seeking out help from different physicians and online forums for pain

But what if YOU had HOPE?

A place where you have SUPPORT, can see the POSSIBILITY and POTENTIAL to live a HEALTHY, HAPPY life.


A WHOLE-PERSON approach that YOU could choose what you change and why it is is helpful in YOUR life.

That, my friend, is EXACTLY what you have right here.


Can you see the glimmer of hope? The light at the end of the tunnel?


You will feel “like yourself again” when you

  • Step back and challenge that fear, as you take control by understanding how your thoughts and actions impact how you feel on a daily basis

  • Devote your precious time and energy to activities that make small, sustainable changes, because that knowledge that one percent change each day slowly builds to form the life you crave and desire.

  • Learn to accept and embrace yourself each day as who you are that day, because you know that you are doing your absolute best to achieve your dreams.

  • Connect with other women living with similar struggles, because you are stronger as part of a group of women that can share their successes with each other. 

  • Do something that brings you JOY, without fear or worry of how and when the pain will show up.

I have good news for you… this is all POSSIBLE! For YOU!


You can start your journey towards a healthy and happy life, where YOU control your daily life.

Hey there!


I am Lindsey and I am here to support and guide you through Living Well with Pelvic Pain. My background in Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy - with advanced education in pelvic health, mental health and chronic pain, have brought me to a place where I specialize in helping women living with pelvic pain to change their daily experience with pain!


After seeing hundreds of women in my pelvic health clinic and realizing what was missing from all of their efforts and supports from other health care providers, I developed the Living Well with Pelvic Pain online program.


Your focus in the program will be on small, sustainable shifts that lead to long term, sustainable gains using mindset, habits and a whole lot of evidence based evidence that shows you need to look at your mind, your body, your emotions and your environment  as one integrative system.

10 years…


That is how long I spent tearing everytime I had sex. 


10 years where something that should be fun and pleasurable, was NOT fun and 100% not pleasurable. My brain was definitely focusing on what usually happened (tearing, bleeding, pain) instead of being present with myself and with my partner. 


Oh wow, how I wish I could go back… but then I wouldn’t being doing what I am now, which is helping other women realize their pelvic pain is NOT normal and that we CAN make a difference, and we CAN live better.


My passion has always been helping people see hope and possibility despite current circumstance, and working in pelvic health and specifically with women living with pelvic pain, gives me a daily opportunity to live my passion.

You will receive the following when you sign up for Living Well with Pelvic Pain, 6 week online program:


  • Focused weekly learning videos where we dive deep into simple, effective strategies that you can implement each and every day, for 6 weeks, so you have the knowledge & ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ ($1800 value)

  • Accountability Tracker Workbook, so you know which strategies are the most effective for you, and what you need to modify. ($300 value)

  • Weekly Live Touchpoints with myself and the group to share our wins and reflect on our struggles in a helpful way. ($900 value) 

  • Printable PDF’s on topics like Questions to Ask Your Doctor, How to Involve Your Family, and When Life Goes Sideways - Getting Back on Track ($100 value)

  • BONUS: Guest interviews with thought leaders in 3 of the weekly focus topics. ($300 Value)


$3400 $497

Note: All prices are in USD



One payment for 3 months

Note: All prices are in USD

“I spent a year and a half going through different options to help… I was told about Lindsey and what she did. The first visit had me hooked… my surgeon could not believe my progress” - Amanda